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Guide to finding corporate housing in Paris for professionals

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Are you relocating to Paris for a temporary professional mission and looking for a furnished corporate rental? This blog will guide you through the corporate rental apartment hunting process and help you find the most suitable long-term accommodation in Paris.

Definition and advantages of a corporate rental for professionals 

A corporate rental is mid to long-term furnished housing catering to business travelers or corporate clients who require temporary accommodation for rent. These rentals are typically fully furnished apartments offering the highest comfort level and modern amenities. Many international companies, organizations, or embassies often use business rentals to house their employees relocating to a new city for business, temporary assignments, or workplace training. They also host individual business travelers who require a comfortable and convenient place to stay during their work-related trips.

Tips on how to find the perfect furnished corporate housing in Paris

1. Set a budget for your corporate housing in Paris

In many cases, the company will provide its employees with a budget for finding professional housing. This budget follows factors such as the employee's job level, the assignment's location, and the stay's duration. In some cases, the rent may be paid directly by the company, while in other cases, the employee gets a housing allowance to pay the rent themselves. If the allotted budget is insufficient to rent the executive rental in Paris, they may supplement their rental budget.

It is essential for the employee to carefully review their company's policies and rental budgets to understand their options and obligations fully.

2. Choosing the right Real Estate Agency to find your corporate housing in Paris

In Paris, many specialized rental Real Estate agencies, such as Paris Rental Agency, offer high-quality, fully furnished, long-term corporate rentals for professional expats. You can contact Paris Rental for your rental research. They can provide you with various options that fit your needs and budget.


3. Consult your employer for corporate housing options and tips

Many companies support expatriate employees when relocating to a new city or country. So, it's worth checking with Human Resources to see if your company has any resources, contacts, or discounts in Paris to help you with your apartment search.

4. Why location matters when choosing your business rentals

When looking for a corporate rental, consider your workplace's location and your children's school if you relocate with your family. Additionally, it's also essential to consider the transportation link and the amenities you require, such as parks or sports facilities, as this can significantly impact your quality of life in the city of Paris.

5. Identifying your essential needs for corporate housing in Paris

Create a list of your must-haves and nice-to-haves when looking for a rental in Paris, such as a balcony, terrace, air conditioning, access to the elevator, view of the monument, etc. This list can help the real estate agent you work with narrow down options and find suitable rentals in your desired location with the required amenities.

6. Planning viewings to select your corporate housing

Once you select one or several rental options that match your requirements, contact your Client Relations agent, and they will schedule a viewing of your chosen apartment(s). You can also request a virtual viewing if you are not in Paris. On the day of the viewing appointment, make sure to arrive on time because good apartments don’t wait! Also, take note of the apartment's condition, amenities, and location to help you make an informed decision. After the viewing, follow up with the real estate agency to express your interest in the apartment or to let them know you are still searching for a more suitable apartment. 

7. Prepare the required rental documents for your application

It is time to collect the necessary rental documents and guarantees to apply for corporate housing. The file may include the following:

Company lease signed by the employer (company lease):

  • Passport & visa of the tenant

  • Letter from employer stating the employee's mission in France
  • Passport / ID of the signing party
  • Power of attorney for the company representative signing the lease when the signator is not on KBIS.
  • Company information:

- KBIS - certificate of business registration in France
- If a foreign company, the equivalent of KBIS, such as an official business registration certificate
- If a small company, the balance sheet

Personal lease signed by the employee:

  • Passport & visa of the tenant 

  • Proof of employment (letter from employer): this must mention mission in Paris, salary, and housing allowance if there is any
  • Last three payslips and most recent tax return
  • Last three rent receipts, if currently residing in France
  • If needed, an additional guarantor (caution solidaire in French) 

8. Steps for preparing the company lease contract for your rental property

Once the owner validates your application, the Real Estate agency will prepare the lease draft and send it to you and the owner for review. In France, leases are in French, but you can request an English copy from your agency. Before finalizing a rental, be sure to read the lease agreement carefully to ensure that you understand all terms and conditions, including the fees or security deposits that may be required.

9. How to sign a lease contract remotely for professionals and business travelers?

Suppose both the future tenant and the owner validate the lease contract. Then the two parties sign the lease agreement. 
Nowadays, the signing process commonly occurs remotely through an electronic signing system with a verification code sent to your mobile phone or email address.

10. Make the rental payment and take out home insurance for your corporate housing

After both parties sign the lease, you need to make the rental payment to the owner, including 1st month's rent and security deposit (2 months of rent), and pay your agency fee directly to your Real Estate Agency before the check-in. In addition, you have to subscribe to home insurance to secure your apartment (water damage, fire…), which is mandatory in France. The Paris Rental Agency can help you find an English-speaking insurer. The owner will only give you the key to the apartment if you have your housing insurance.

11. Carrying out an entry inventory of fixtures for your executive accommodation

On the check-in date, you will meet the owner or owner's property manager at the apartment for the check-in inventory, which we call "État des lieux d'entrée" in French. Sometimes, a third-party intermediary called "Huissier" can also be present for conducting the check-in inventory. After the checklist and Inventory of the premises, you will receive a document that transcribes the apartment's condition from floor to ceiling, including equipment, description, and the state of maintenance and repair of each room. Generally, the real estate agent is not present in the check-in process. Instead, it is done between the tenant and the landlord or by the landlord’s representative (ex: a “huissier").

Coming to Paris for work or business is an exciting adventure, but finding the right furnished corporate rental can be daunting. However, by following the above steps and utilizing the resources available, you can find a comfortable and convenient home that meets your needs and fits your budget. Do not hesitate to contact Paris Rental if you need any help. Welcome!

Editor: Siyi Chen

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