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Which apartment to rent when working at the Embassy?

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Top choice of furnished rental apartments in Paris for diplomats and foreign officials 

Diplomatic and government agencies are often facing the need to accommodate their staff.
The ParisRental Agency is specialized in long-term furnished rentals and proposes elegant reception apartments for ambassadors and diplomats. ParisRental offers a wide selection of high-end furnished properties to the consular staff, close to their workplace, and perfectly matching their expectations. With their long experience in rental real estate in Paris, our specialists are ready to support them.

When you are an ambassador, several criteria are essential for the rental of your property. The most important one is the location! Most of the Embassies are concentrated in the west of Paris, such as Paris' 7th, 8th, or 16th district.

Recommended Paris neighborhoods for ambassadors and diplomats

Diplomatic staff want to be close to their place of work. Be aware that most of the government institutions take place in the center and west of Paris. So what are the most popular districts for renting a furnished apartment when you work at the Embassy?

7th arrondissement of Paris: the ideal district for embassies and institutions

The 7th district is shaped like a diamond, but the Eiffel Tower's view makes it shine the most. A simple sight of the most famous monument in Paris can raise the stakes in a formidable way. For example, the Polish Embassy is blessed with a large terrace giving a splendid view of the Iron Lady. In the 7th district, there are also the National Assembly, the ministries, and renowned museums such as the Orsay Museum. With a rich housing stock, this arrondissement attracts a prestigious foreign clientele eager for exceptional apartments. Transactions can be high: with an average rent of 2,600 euros / m2 for furnished rentals, this district is one of the most expensive in Paris. Apartments in that district are highly prized by government staff and diplomatic institutions and most suitable for ambassadors due to the proximity of the institutions they work.

See the apartments available in the 7th arrondissement.

8th arrondissement of Paris: a place of luxury and prestige between the Golden Triangle and the Champs-Élysées

The influence of the Golden Triangle and the Champs Elysées contributes to the attractiveness of the 8th arrondissement. The real estate in this area is perceived as luxurious and prestigious. It is full of quite impressive Embassies, like Qatar and Kazakhstan on Rue de Tilsitt or the United States Embassy on Avenue Gabriel. The 8th arrondissement is also an economic engine for the capital, with nearly 10% of jobs concentrated there. This place has a varied real estate offer and beautiful addresses such as avenue Hoche or rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, which houses the Elysée Palace.

See the apartments available in the 8th arrondissement.

16th arrondissement of Paris: the perfect neighborhood for ambassadors and expats

In the 16th arrondissement, we also find the Turkish Embassy with its rounded roof, and the flag hoisted above. It is located behind the Maison de Balzac and its green garden. In total, 82 embassies are listed there. ParisRental has a multitude of apartments in this famous district.

See the apartments available in the 16th arrondissement.

Advantages of choosing Paris Rental Agency for your ambassadors' rental accommodation in Paris

Our sales team comes from all over the world and is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Laotian, and Chinese.
Paris Rental has the experience and knowledge of the needs of government institutions and the field and the history of the properties they offer. Since 1987, ParisRental has been the reference in terms of accommodation for the staff of diplomatic and government institutes. All guarantees are provided to the future tenant to move into his new apartment within 24 hours!

Spacious apartments in Paris perfect for hosting diplomatic events

An ambassador needs a large living room to receive people and organize grand receptions. Therefore, an ambassador's property needs a large area and should also be a conducive place for welcoming employees. ParisRental has a wide range of furnished apartments with large living areas.

Apartments for rent in Paris with two bedrooms 
Apartments for rent in Paris with three bedrooms
Apartments for rent in Paris with four bedrooms and more 
A fully furnished and well-equipped property is a great advantage for this type of clientele. At Paris Rental, dedicated experts assist them during visits to furnished apartments until they move in and organize insurance, electricity, gas, and Internet contracts installed in their name. In addition, ParisRental always makes sure that the furnished apartment meets all administrative standards.

Secure accommodation for ambassadors in Paris

ParisRental is engaged in proposing an apartment that meets the security standards to its clientele of ambassadors, consular staff, and diplomats. Therefore, they avoid apartments on the ground floor or on the top floor of a building, representing a risk when performing such functions. ParisRental is aware of the security issues for its international and prestigious clientele. The apartments on offer have service doors that add an exit to the accommodation. The Paris Rental team knows to show the security devices in place in each rental apartment for ambassadors. These issues are taken into account when offering real estate suitable for the needs of embassy staff.

Proximity to international schools for diplomatic families

When an ambassador moves to a new country, they often settle down with family and children. The proximity of the accommodation to bilingual and renowned international schools is essential. ParisRental has a network of reputable schools to recommend for families. To learn more about International schools, click: 
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