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How to equip a furnished apartment?

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How to equip a furnished apartment?


Feeling "at home" at first glance when visiting the right furnished apartment means to find all the elements of comfort to which one is accustomed. This feeling of well-being is what will decide a future tenant to choose an apartment among all others. A "ready to live" apartment is a definite guarantee for the owner of a successful rental!

Paris Rental has prepared a complete list of equipment needed for a furnished rental to maximize the chances of owners to rent their furnished apartment quickly.

With its list of equipment, Paris Rental assists you with the furnished rental of your apartment: The definition of a furnished apartment, fixed by decree is:"Art. 25-4. - A furnished dwelling is an accommodation in good condition equipped with a sufficient number of quality furniture to allow the tenant to sleep there, to eat and to live properly according to everyday life’s requirements ”. Legifrance

This list of equipment for a furnished apartment is available to download via this link

In addition to this inventory, here are some tips:

The Kitchen 


Know that the kitchen is a key element of the rental! A kitchen with built in furniture is inviting and easy to maintain: a sponge wiping and the kitchen is impeccable! Choose light colors and have lighting installed under the cabinets to illuminate the worktops. Finally, it is best to buy white dishes to be sure to replace broken parts.

The Bathroom 


Depending on the space of your bathroom and of the tenant profile you desire, you have to make the right choice! Here are ourf. The bathtub is less and less used, either for ecological reasons or simply because taking a bath takes time. However, a bathtub is useful for families with children and appreciated by some cultures for whom bathing is a ritual. The shower should be spacious enough to be comfortable. One’s elbows should not bang the walls while washing.

The living room 


A comfortable sofa bed in the living room is an excellent investment, for it means having an extra bed! The expatriate tenant who wishes to rent a one bedroom apartment in Paris, will always choose the apartment that offers a sofa-bed in the living room. This option allows him to invite his family, from time to time. Tip: Sofas with a removable cover can be cleaned at the end of each rental, or else putting plaids and cushions will protect longer the fabric of the sofa.

The bedrooms


The bedrooms of a furnished rental must allow the future tenant to sleep serenely. Blackout curtains are highly recommended, and often required when absent! Think of protecting your bedding: All famous bedding stores recommend putting two mattress pads for optimal mattress protection, rather than one plastic mattress pad that is uncomfortable and conducive to perspiration. Keeping your mattress in good condition is worth the purchase of two mattress pads per bed, wouldn’t you think? Same for the protection of your pillows. Put a plain pillow-case under the fancy pillow-case to protect your pillows and to keep them clean longer.

Finally, a rented Furnished Accommodation must include all the tools to clean and maintain the place. Remember to leave a vacuum cleaner with the appropriate bags, or even better get a bagless vacuum cleaner!

Last tip: Remember to make an inventory of all furniture and equipment as you go. This inventory will be useful at the time of the inventory of the premises when your tenant enters the apartment, and more especially so at the time s/he leaves.

Also, every time you replace or add something new in your furnished apartment, think of updating your inventory!

Paris Rental makes this complete and exhaustive list accessible for you  


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