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Renting a furnished apartment in Paris: What furniture and equipment should include?

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The furniture and home appliances included in a furnished long-term apartment rental in Paris may vary depending on the rental agreement and the landlord. However, according to the law in France, to be considered a furnished rental, accommodations with residential leases (including mobility leases) must include mandatory furniture and equipment regulated by the French government.

List of must-have furniture and equipment for a furnished apartment rental in Paris

In France, a furnished apartment for rent must legally include, at the minimum, the following furniture and equipment:

  • A bed or beds with a quilt or blanket
  • Shutters or curtains in the rooms
  • Cooking plates/induction
  • Oven or microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • A freezer or refrigerator with a freezer compartment at a maximum temperature of -6°
  • Sufficient dishes for the occupants to eat
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Table
  • Seating
  • Storage shelves
  • Light fixtures
  • Household cleaning equipment adapted to the characteristics of the accommodation (vacuum cleaner if there is carpeting, broom, and mop for tiles)

Linen (sheets, towels, and dish towels) is not compulsory in the classically furnished rentals in France. But it is mandatory in seasonal rentals. Paris Rental recommends that owners of furnished flats provide at least one or several sets of fresh linen for Corporate tenants accustomed to having access to good linen and amenities.

Consequences for owners renting out a furnished apartment with inadequate equipment in France

If the landlord fails to provide the legally required furniture and equipment, the tenants can request the judge change the lease from furnished to unfurnished. The judge will consider whether the apartment meets the criteria for an unfurnished rental and, if so, order the landlord to remove the furniture and equipment and adjust the rental price accordingly.

Recommended features to add value to a furnished rental apartment

The government decree outlines the minimum required equipment and furniture in furnished rentals. However, landlords can provide additional furniture and equipment to enhance the rental value of their property.

Some of the most appreciated items by Pais Rental International Corporate clients include:

  • coffee maker
  • toaster
  • dishwasher
  • kettle
  • wine fridge
  • extractor hood + spare filters

Living Room:

  • sofa-bed
  • cushions
  • television or home cinema
  • coffee table
  • lamps
  • plenty of electricals outlets

Bathroom & toilet:

  • hair dryer
  • towels 
  • a towel rack or wall heater/li>
  • soap dish
  • small garbage can
  • non-slip mat in the bathtub
  • toilet paper dispenser


  • iron and ironing board
  • washing machine 
  • dryer

Although none of these items are compulsory, providing these additional furniture and modern quality appliances can make your apartment rental stand out and the property more appealing to business clients seeking a comfortable stay. Also, it will help justify the rent supplement, especially in rent control areas such as Paris.  

Tenant and landlord responsibilities: who provides what in a furnished apartment rental in France?

Owner's responsibilities: 

All equipment and furniture the landlord provides to the tenant remain the landlord's property. Therefore, they should ensure that the equipment is in good working condition. By law, the landlord must replace any defective equipment due to obsolescence.

Tenant's responsibilities: 

The tenant should maintain the equipment in good working condition. If any problem arises, they must inform the landlord immediately. Also, if any damage occurs due to the tenant’s negligence, they are responsible for repairing or replacing the damaged furniture. For example, if a cat scars the sofa with claws, the tenant is responsible for repairing or replacing it.

In conclusion, if you are renting a furnished apartment in Paris or all of France, there are mandatory items that the landlord must provide, which are regulated by law. However, landlords can offer optional items to enhance the rental value of their property. As a tenant, it is crucial to properly use and maintain the equipment the landlord provides and inform them immediately if any issues arise. 

Editor: Siyi Chen

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