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Empty or furnished rental in Paris, what to choose?

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Empty or furnished rental in Paris, what to choose?


Do you need to find a new rental in Paris? Are you hesitating between furnished or unfurnished rentals, but you don't know the differences? These two rentals do not offer the same benefits, and prices may vary from one rental to another. To better determine which type of rental to choose while in Paris, this article details the rental that meets your needs.


The difference between unfurnished and furnished rentals


As its name suggests, an unfurnished rental means that the rental agreement only provides the tenant with the accommodation itself. Moreover, empty housing often lacks a kitchen and equipment. It is then necessary to furnish and equip your Paris unfurnished rental before moving in.

A furnished rental means that the owner provides the tenant with the furniture and all essential equipment for cooking, eating, sleeping, and keeping the accommodation in good condition.

What should a furnished rental apartment include in France?

  • Bedding with sheets, duvets, or blankets
  • Shutters or curtains
  • Storage units and shelves;
  • Fridge, stove, oven or microwave-oven
  • Freezer or freezer compartment of the refrigerator with a maximum temperature of -6°
  • Essential kitchen equipment, utensils, and dishes;
  • A table and chairs;
  • Equipment suitable for the upkeep of the  accommodation and linen (ex., vacuum cleaner, mop, hot iron)
  • Lamps, side tables 

A furnished rental has to provide the list required on the French public service website. The furnished rental status could be revoked by law if the owner does not provide the minimum list of equipment required.


Is it required to have a sofa in a furnished rental apartment?


In France, for a furnished rental, it is optional to provide equipment considered non-essential, such as a sofa, washing machine, coffee machine, TV flat screen, etc. However, comfortable seating is one of our professional expat clients' essential criteria for their family and friends from abroad. Therefore, providing a comfortable sofa bed makes the rental apartment more attractive to renters. 


Differences in the rental contract


The rental contract or lease is a mandatory document that binds the lessor and the tenant for a fixed period. The lease contract designates all the rules and legislation surrounding the rental. The rental agreement includes elements common to both rentals, such as the type of property, the number of rooms, the heating methods, and the equipment present. The rental contract for a furnished rental indicates the furniture made available to the tenant. In the event of a dispute over the equipment, apart from normal wear and tear, any degradation is the tenant's responsibility.

The tacit renewal of the unfurnished rental lease is three years, compared to 1 year for furnished rentals. The legal time to give the notice to leave a furnished rental is three months; it drops to 1 month in all urban areas where rentals, whether empty or furnished, are hard to find. Paris is among these areas. For furnished apartments, the notice is always one month.

Please note that the lessor is entitled to request a 2-month deposit for the furniture and household appliances provided in the case of furnished rentals! Indeed, this deposit makes it possible to cover any possible deterioration of the accommodation and its fittings.

One crucial difference between Furnished and Unfurnished rentals is that if the Apartment you rent is for sale, the landlord must give the first choice to the tenant who rents unfurnished, but he/she is not obliged to if the rent is furnished.


Price difference in Furnished rental vs Unfurnished rental: 


Generally, the rent of long-term furnished apartments tends to be more expensive than unfurnished rentals. The table below shows the average rent price per m² in Paris, depending on the apartment type.

The price difference is because furnishing a property requires an initial investment in furniture, home appliances, and other amenities, resulting in higher monthly rent. Additionally, furnished rentals often come with additional rental charges such as building maintenance charges and utilities (in some cases) included in the rent price, further contributing to the higher cost for the landlord.


Contracts and additional costs

  • Unitily: Whether for furnished or unfurnished rental, the tenant is responsible for his electricity, gas, water, and internet subscriptions. Therefore, they must take out a contract for electricity and gas and a telecommunications contract for Internet access.
  • Home Insurance: Since the Alur law of 2014, taking out home insurance to protect housing during rental in Paris is now mandatory. This insurance is the tenant's responsibility and not the owner's. There are specific risk formulas or an all-risks formula (fire, damage related to lightning, etc.) to guarantee your accommodation. Extensions of guarantees make it possible to cover the accommodation against vandalism and electrical damage, and some guarantees offer legal assistance. You can find the best home insurance for your needs using an online home insurance comparator. You can also seek advice from your real estate agency.
  • Furnishings & Appliances: An unfurnished apartment does not come with any furniture or appliances, including a bed, sofa, dining table and chairs, refrigerator, stove, and other essential items. Therefore, tenants must purchase or rent these items themselves, which can be a significant investment.

Which location to choose?


If you need to stay mobile in France, a furnished rental in Paris is the best solution for you. Furnished rentals make it possible to avoid the purchase of furniture and to make a large additional investment. Also, the short notice period allows you to leave your accommodation without worrying about organizing a move.

On the contrary, the empty rental is attractive if you have to settle in Paris for the long term. It is a pleasure to hunt for bargains in Paris and then settle into one's furniture. The amortization of furniture purchase to the price of the furniture of a furnished rental is relatively rapid, between 1 year and two years. Renting unfurnished is then the right solution.

To help you make your choice, please find below a comparison of furnished and unfurnished apartment rentals.

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