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Furnished rental during the lockdown

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Can we rent an apartment while in confinement?

Can we visit apartments in confinement? And if so, how?


During the confinement, more than 60% of our apartment rentals are visible by video. Also, we use several social networks such as Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime, or WeChat, to communicate with you on-site. Ask your questions, and we will answer them by showing you the subject of your questions.
Here are some tips for making your video during the confinement period for new owners confined and those who do not yet have a video of their apartment on the Paris Rental site. 

Before making the video

  • Take your film by daylight, open the shutters, curtains, and turn on the lights in each room
  • Open all the doors of the apartment 
  • Tidy up, remove all personal items, re-type bedspreads and cushions
  • Close toilet cover
  • Put your smartphone in airplane mode so that you are not interrupted by a cal

During the video

  • Walk at an average pace

  • Film in horizontal mode while keeping both hands on the phone

  • Swipe the space from left to right

  • The video must have a global view and layout of the apartment

  • Do not dwell on the details (the photos are there for that)

  • No one, nor any animal, should only appear in the video

  • If there is a good view, include it in the video

  • If there is a garden, start your video with the garden

  • Avoid lengthy videos: 1 min for a two-room apartment - 5/6 minutes for a large accommodation with a terrace or garden

  • Do not make comments on the video.

Do not hesitate to consult the virtual tours already carried out by the digital and marketing team of Paris Rental to find inspiration and the right path for your film.  

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/user/ParisRentalOfficial

Contact us at marketing@parisrental.com so that we can tell you how to send the video of your apartment. It will appear on the ParisRental.com and Parisrental.cn sites and social networks and our associated platforms.

Can we sign a rental lease while in containment?


Electronic signatures allow signing a rental lease without travel and without even being in the country. During confinement, Paris Rental continues rental leases signatures electronically for both parties. 

During confinement, is rent deferral possible?


No, the government has not given a directive on this. Any tenant, student or not, must pay their rent in full (including charges) on time, on the usual conditions.  

My lease expires during the confinement period. Can I extend my stay in my accommodation until the end of the confinement?


You must first check with the owner or his representative that the accommodation is available in the coming weeks. If so, the landlord must update your rental contract unless it is tacitly renewable. Otherwise, tenant and owner will jointly sign an addendum, specifying that you can stay in the accommodation under the same conditions as those provided for in your previous contract.

Can we move during confinement? In what way?


The confinement accentuates the desire to move and, therefore, many people are searching for a new home. 
Moving is allowed. Just make sure to have your travel certificate and documents justifying the move, like a rental lease or a deed of sale. You can use a professional mover, but only household members can help you if you are moving by yourself. No distance restriction applies in the case of moving.
Do limit the number of people present at the move-in place to carry the boxes to 5 people during the confinement period.

Can we buy an apartment in a confinement situation? 


Visiting apartments for sale is prohibited during confinement. Only professionals can call the properties. As with rentals, video tours are a way to see the apartment's layout and its general condition. Whatsapp (or Zoom and Skype) is also a friendly and convenient way to meet an owner and a buyer, without worrying about barrier gestures!    

Are visits allowed to estimate a good, how to sign a mandate during confinement?


For the confinement duration, professionals have the right to visit homes for sale to make an appraisal and sign a mandate with the owner.

How do the sale signatures work in containment?


For signatures, notaries have dematerialized procedures that should be preferred. If this is not possible, it is authorized to sign on-site or by proxy given to the notaries..   

Can we do the inventory during confinement?


The entry and exit inventory is authorized only when done by a bailiff or a real estate agent. Itis imperative to respect the barrier measures:  

Avoid physical contact:

  • Do not shake hands
  • Avoid handing documents or keys directly to the person: instead, hand them over by putting them on a piece of furniture.

Take health precautions: Wear a mask and use the hydro-alcoholic gel (to clean the keys, for example) 

Keep your distance: Stay at least 1 meter from any person present. 

You can also do the inventory remotely: the owner or his representative sends his tenant a pre-filled inventory template in duplicate. With this document, he will be able to make the inventory and take photos. After mutual confirmation of the elements, each party will keep a copy signed by both parties, either by mail or electronically.
You might count on a caretaker or a trusted person in the building for handing over the keys. If the apartment is under Property Management, a professional will meet the new occupant to go over the premises' inventory.

Is Property Management working during confinement?


The property management company and managers continue to operate normally. The agency is open but unfortunately cannot accommodate the public. 

Paris Rental and Home Management are available to their customers throughout the confinement period. Welcome !

Credit photo confinement BLOG: @windows