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Mobile phone: How to terminate your contract with an operator for another?

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How to cancel your mobile subscription?


It is difficult for our expatriate clients who rent a long-term apartment in Paris to know the tricks of ordinary life. For example, that is the case when these Corporate tenants want to change their phone operator for a cheaper contract elsewhere.

Indeed, today telephone operators are multiplying interesting offers. Fortunately, it is becoming easier to change operator.

Duration of commitment

However, the commitment period remains binding. Termination fees are based on the number of months remaining in your contract. That, plus an administration fee to boot may cause you to lose the savings made by changing your phone company. So, be sure to check the duration of your contract. At worst, your subscription commits you for 24 months maximum.

Are there exceptions to the rule?

Yes. But only legitimate reasons entitle you to escape this constraint. These reasons are, for example, a move abroad, a loss of job, a situation of over-indebtedness or a forbidding rise in the phone company’s rates.
Fortunately, more and more operators offer non-binding subscriptions. These subscriptions may be terminated at any time and without charge.

Switching Operators

Once you are no longer subject to a commitment period, you can take advantage of the competition’s offers.
To subscribe to a new contract with a competitor is rather simple. Indeed, the latter will take care of the switch for you. Similarly, you can make the change on the Internet and finalize it in minutes. And for those who are refractory to the Internet, they should make the termination by registered mail. Normally, the provider has ten days to end the contract and reimburse a possible deposit ten days after its return. But if it's not done as planned, you may have a hard time following-up the process.

Keeping your telephone number

Also, be aware that changing operator does not mean you have to change your phone number!
Just ask for a RIO code by calling free on 31 79 from your mobile phone, and indicate this code when you sign up for the new offer.
From then on, the new provider will take care of the portability of your line. Beware! Your phone line could be blocked! Therefore, prior to cancelling your subscription, make sure to ask your operator for your IMEI number. This is the number that will unlock your phone.

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