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How to evaluate the reference rent of a furnished apartment in Paris?

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Updated May 18th, 2022

The comparator of Parisian rent according to size
and location of the dwelling


Evaluation of the rental price of a furnished apartment in Paris

Paris Rental has thought of everything for you! We provide you with a rent comparator:
You wish to rent your Parisian furnished apartment and you would like to know the rent of a similar apartment in Paris. The search bar of the Paris Rental site allows you to discover in seconds other apartments like yours indicating their rent based on the current real estate market.

Instructions for targeted research:


Let's say you have a 1 bedroom furnished apartment located in the 3rd district of Paris.
Here are two ways to get your result:

Step 1: Select number of bedrooms / Location


To see what are the rental prices, select:

  • Bedrooms: 1 bedroom
  • Location: 3rd district
  • Neighboring Parisian districts

Step 2: Selection by district and neighborhoods


To visualize the Parisian districts surrounding the location of your furnished apartment, Paris Rental offers an interactive map displaying all districts of Paris, and enabling you to select the surrounding neighborhoods.
Click on "Search by districts or neighborhoods" to display the interactive map.

The map in on, make your choice!

Start your search by clicking on "Search":

General facts impacting the rent in the city of Paris are:

  • the surface
  • the furniture of the apartment
  • the fully equipped kitchen and the modern functional bathroom,
  • the type of floor
  • The brightness and when there is no overlooking
  • Quiet area and / or double glazed windows

Mostly, it is the location of the apartment in Paris, its proximity to transports and its general comfort which have the highest impact on the rent value. Please find an example and more details:

I- Neighborhoods / geographic location in Paris (distance from subways, train stations, and other districts)

The location of the apartment has a direct impact on the rent estimate. The fact that the apartment is close to several metro stops served by multiple lines will be taken into account.
The “view” of a Parisian monument (the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre or the Arc de Triomphe) is an important criterion for the rental value. The distance to SNCF railway stations -essential for expatriate tenants who travel often- is impacting the rent as well : the nearest train station or airport connection should be reachable within 20 minutes by car or public transport.

II- Furnishing and comfort of the apartment

Important criteria impacting both rent value and choice of the future tenant are:

  • the number of bedrooms and the number of bathrooms, and toilets
  • the equipment of the kitchen and how easy it is to keep it neat
  • the bathroom (s) which must be bright and modern. The shower is an essential factor ; yet a shower within a bathtub is not appreciated due to security concerns and difficulty in keeping the water from splashing all over the floor.
  • several toilets: as soon as there are 2 or more bedrooms, the tenant expects to have at least 2 toilets in the apartment, including a separate guest toilet outside of the bathrooms.
  • the elevator is a crucial point for expatriate tenants who travel with a lot of luggage.
  • a caretaker (“guardian”) is not mandatory, but the potential tenant expects an intercom or a digital code.

III- The first impression is decisive for the choice of the rental


The apartment must be perfectly clean and ventilated before the visit! Remember to check inside the fridge, the oven and the dishwasher. The hood’s filter must be clean, check water flow in the sink, and look for tidiness -inside, outside and below- all storage cabinets. Make sure that the shower seals are in perfect condition, check that the ventilation (VMC) is clean and running, that the filter of the washing/drying machine is clean, that there are no limestone trails inside the toilet bowl and no continuous hissing. The hot water boiler must be in perfect functioning order and the tank must have sufficient hot water capacity for the number of persons corresponding to the number of bedrooms in the apartment.

IV- Security Matters concerning your furnished apartment


To prevent risks and to react quickly in case of problems in the apartment, show your tenant -or your real estate agent- where the main water shutoff valve is located. Indicate the location of gas supply, the electricity board with reset procedure in case of a circle breaker.

Leave instruction manuals for household appliances, as well as your boiler’s service manual in a specific drawer.

Wishing you a successful long term rental!


Photo by Joshua Hoehne