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Sofa Bed: Essential for Your Furnished Apartment

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Are you hesitating to purchase a sofa bed for your furnished apartment in Paris?

They have gained popularity over the years, so sofabeds are a must! Our clients (soon-to-be tenants), primarily expats, often request a sofa bed because they plan on hosting their friends and family during their time in Paris.

The sofa bed must be practical and easy to maintain, but it should also be comfortable - mothers will be getting their beauty rest on them. Aesthetically, the preference is  simple and contemporary with a neutral color like beige, gray or taupe. Avoid white, if you can.

Attention: many clients will refuse to visit an apartment if it doesn't have an extra bed.

Here is a bit of advice on the different types of sofa beds, their style and how they open.

  • Sofa bed (Canapé-lit): a real sofa that must be folded. It's a classic and often the most comfortable. Newer models offer a storage space that can be very handy for storing sheets and blankets in a small space.
  • Clic-clac : Opening this type of sofa bed is the reverse of the traditional. It's wise to choose a superior model because these are often too basic - your tenant will appreciate the comfort. Different brands now offer a larger selection with sleek and modern styles.
  • Trundle bed (Lit gigogne): An extra mattress emerges from under the bed in a drawer. It's more suitable for a second bedroom so its users can sleep peacefully.

Note: avoid the canapé bz (opens in an accordion fold) and the futon (mattress on a foldable frame with wooden slats). They tend to be ordinary, uncomfortable and unfashionable.

A sofa bed is the preferred option when you live in a small space. As a daily use bed, it allows the resident to gain a considerable amount of space in the room. For this type of usage, choose a mattress where the foam density is high - the comfort will be better and the mattress will have greater longevity. The brand Maisons du Monde makes sofa beds of good quality that fit perfectly with any style.


You can find a large selection of sofa beds at Ikea, HabitatMade and BoConcept. What are you waiting for?

credit photo @Nathan Fertig