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5 Tips for an Apartment Rental in Paris

5 Tips for an Apartment Rental in Paris


Looking to rent an apartment in the city of love for short-term? It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a furnished apartment or an unfurnished one, you would want to get one that fits your needs.

However, the Paris rental market is frightening. Apartments can disappear in a heartbeat giving you no time to think. And if that wasn’t enough a majority of landlords prefer French guarantors.

We have 5 simple tips that every first timer must remember before signing their rental agreement.

Location Matters


The cost of modern apartments in some arrondissements of Paris may make them seem like a steal. Don't get tempted as with many cheap amenities come a lot of downsides. You are in Paris, staying close to the popular tourist attractions and in the heart of the city will save you a lot of time.

The apartments nearby may cost you extra but if you ask us, it’s worth every dollar. Don’t waste your precious time in Paris commuting for hours. Out of the 12 arrondissements that you select must meet the purpose of your visit and be practical during your stay.

Duration of Stay


This is another important aspect as the shorter your visit the lesser time you have to travel. If that’s the case, make sure you rent an apartment in one of the central arrondissements that are closer to the tourist attractions. If budget permits, go a step further and rent a place near the metro station. Strolling through the streets amused by the street performers but you cannot walk everywhere.

Thankfully, the Parisians enjoy a rather vigorous transport system to travel with ease. You may not need a vehicle at all for your halt in Paris, hop on a metro and get where you want. This becomes necessary for people staying in the love capital for a few days and don’t have a lot of time to spare for traveling.

Surge Season


Paris hosts multiple premium events throughout the year. Make sure that you factor in all these events before renting an apartment.


It’s simple, more people hunt for apartments during these periods and you’ll likely end up paying more for rent than everything else combined.

What Can You Not Live Without?


List all your ‘must-haves’ and check them with your landlord prior to signing the agreement. Can’t live without a refreshing hot shower? Make sure you ask.

Dryers are rare for many Parisians with the limited electrical capacity in buildings to thank. If the apartment you chose lists having a washing machine it may not include a dryer. Air conditioners, elevators, kitchen appliances, and some other amenities essential for a comfortable stay in the city must be included in the rental agreement.

Compare Your Options


Don't rush into the first apartment that seems adequate. Do your research, apartment hunting is no joke especially when you are in Paris. Check different listing agencies too, the price may vary to hundreds of dollars in some cases. Compare all the listings and then finalize one.

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