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How to choose your internet service provider when you move to Paris?

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How to choose your internet service provider when you move to Paris?

No matter how nomadic you may be, each move to a new home represents a new beginning and a significant change in your life. For most expats, high-speed internet that ensures their remote work, study, or communication with their families is essential to a dream home. We all know that the Internet is accessible everywhere. However, it does not mean that all the internet providers offer excellent access to all geographical zones.

Choosing the best offer for optimal Internet access

The Internet network has become indispensable in our daily life. Everything works through the Internet, including banking, administration, kids' homework, and leisure.
Also, when a new move comes, handling the internet subscription is always a priority. 

Keeping your current internet service provider is an operation that avoids extra work. But, are you sure that your current internet offer will be as effective in your new home? Just because it perfectly meets your current needs doesn't mean it will elsewhere.

Understand the reasons for the slow Internet speeds and how to fix the problem

Depending on the geographical area, the speed is more or less intense among internet providers. The expert advises you to test the network's eligibility at your new address. The quality of the network depends on the distance between the relay antenna and the geographical area.

Other factors can cause quality variation as well:

  • The location of the internet box
  • The type of connection: ADSL or fiber
  • A malfunction during the installation
  • The overloaded internet network

You can perform an eligibility test for the connection via fiber or ADSL. Whatever the result, all internet service providers have various offers for both types.

Wondering how to test the internet speed connection? 
From the link you can try your apartment's wifi with your mobile phone, knowing that the power will be higher on a computer. 

Key criteria for comparing Internet offers

After understanding how the network system works, comparing different internet offers will be much easier. The expert has come up with six major French internet providers, including Bouygues Telecom and Orange, Lebara, La Poste Mobile, etc.

To ensure your choice, you can perform an eligibility test with different providers for your new address. Then, you can easily filter out the perfect fit for your new apartment, depending on the result.

Also, the expert strongly recommends you identify your real Internet needs: such as frequency (regular or occasional), the serving purpose (games, films, television, etc.), and the landline telephone (local or foreign communications).

Once you finish the list, all you have to do is move on to the third step, choosing the most suitable internet box offer without forgetting to pay close attention to the speed of the box offered. If you are still hesitating between ADSL and fiber, visit this site. It will help you make a final choice on the type of internet connection.