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Visiting an apartment, how to prepare for your visit?

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1. Preparing your apartment visit

Before starting your search, prepare a precise list of your crippling criteria in an apartment or its surroundings, and write down the essential qualities you need to find in your future "home." Add to this list a reasonable dose of flexibility for specific criteria because the apartment's location, desired surface area, and monthly budget represent constraints you will have to consider. 

For example, a two-bedroom apartment in Paris does not have the same rent as in a city in the south of France. Or, wanting an apartment with air conditioning is not impossible to find these days, but it comes at a cost. You may have to give up something. Anyway, at the time of the negotiation supported by your real estate agent, it will always be possible to discuss the rent or installation of the air conditioning with the landlord. Being sure of your requirements will prevent unnecessary visits.

In preparing the visit: preselect the apartments you like according to your criteria and your feelings. On, you can filter apartments by neighborhood, arrondissement, number of rooms, and by price. Likewise, with criteria such as "lift, balcony, high floor, parking, proximity to an international school, etc. Besides, your commercial advisor will expand your selection with accommodation proposals suited to your wishes, which may not yet be online, but of which He/she knows the immediate availability.  

To get some advance regarding your visits, we recommend that you view the virtual tours of the apartments corresponding to your search or request those not available yet. It is an excellent way to get an idea of ​​the accommodation space, the decoration and the arrangement of the rooms, etc. These elements are sometimes difficult to imagine in photographs if they are shot at a wide-angle. Rest assured, with Paris Rental, our furnished apartments' photos are without a wide-angle and what you see is what you get! 

Once you have defined your real estate project and preselected your favorite apartments, it is time to contact a Paris Rental sales advisor. Thanks to your thoughtful preparation, you will have no trouble transmitting your request to a professional. Your profile, needs, and maximum monthly budget are essential points appreciated by real estate agents for targeted research; you will see your agent will be your best ally. Visits are scheduled quickly to see specific apartments selected by you and for you, including those not yet online (diagnostics in progress, etc.). During the first contact with your agent, remember to indicate your best time slots and dates for visits.

Nota Bene: Calling a real estate agent is not compulsory but strongly recommended to avoid any scams. Numerous "sleep merchants" rent apartments they do not even own or take advantage of sites between individuals to rent apartments that are sometimes unsanitary. A rental contract explained in detail and validated by a known real estate agency's professionalism will ensure your peace of mind throughout your rental.

2. While visiting the apartment

Once the appointments are confirmed with your Furnished Rental Advisor, spend an evening exploring neighborhoods. It is worth the effort. You add to your good preparation and your agent's expertise by getting that determining element: your feeling. The environment, the surrounding shops, a park where you can jog, and the proximity to public transportation are elements that influence a decision for well-being on a day-to-day basis. 

To put the odds on your side, we advise you to be punctual at the appointment insofar as the real estate agent acts as an intermediary between you and the owner; the first impression you give, if it is positive, can facilitate a possible negotiation. Also, the demand is high compared to the number of suitable apartments available for rent. Have your rental file ready, a sure way to prove the seriousness of your search.

During visits, do not hesitate to ask your real estate advisor who will enlighten you on the points that bother you. It is also normal to find out about the gas and electricity suppliers, the internet installation, whether in the living room and the office, the heating method, the thermal and sound insulation of the apartment. You need to know about cupboards, the accommodation's surface, single or double glazing, the presence or not of a cellar, and finally, the date of official availability of the dwelling. Take notes because when you make multiple visits, it is difficult to remember the details of each apartment at the end of the day.

Apartment viewing with a real estate agent

3. After the tour of the apartments

Following the tours of the targeted apartments, you have surely made your choice, and now there are three possibilities:

  • You have found the ideal apartment:

Don't delay! Send your rental file if you have not already done so during the visits. To help you not omit any supporting documents for a rental file's constitution, find out in this blog. Notify your bank to anticipate the payment of the first month's rent, the security deposit, and the agency fees, if applicable. The inventory of the premises points out the state of the apartment and its furnishings. It needs to be carried out carefully to avoid any misunderstanding at the time of departure. Mention a scratch, if any, or a rickety doorknob, etc. For more knowledge, read the essential points during an entry or exit inventory.

  • You have found the ideal apartment, but you are hesitating.

Above all, do not hesitate to request a second visit as soon as possible. Your keen interest in the apartment may allow the apartment to be "booked" for you for 24 hours. Be sure of your choice. It's too important. But be aware of the all too real possibility of losing the apartment to someone as excited as you are.

  • You do not like any of the apartments visited:

In this case, it is essential to check again with your sales advisor, taking up the positive and negative points of each apartment visited and what they were fundamentally lacking. It may be that your selection criteria have changed and that some requirements are not essential to you. Together with your agent, you will define what matters to you. Be confident! New apartments arrive every day at Paris Rental. 

Once these steps are completed, and your move is entirely successful, the best moment arrives: you enjoy your new life in your new Parisian apartment. Take good care of it; you deserve it!

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