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How much does it cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Paris?

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What's the rent price of a one-bedroom apartment in Paris?

Moving to Paris is appealing! With its dynamic fashion industry, growing tech industry, unique lifestyles, and rich history, Paris is one of the most popular destinations in the world. However, if you're thinking of moving to Paris, the price of rent is the first important thing to consider! This blog will show you how much it costs to rent a long-term one-bedroom apartment in Paris and its suburbs.

What is a one-bedroom apartment (T2) in Paris?

In France, people are used to defining the size of an apartment by the number of rooms. Therefore, a one-bedroom apartment corresponds to a 2-rooms apartment (T2 in French). Therefore, a T2 apartment is a property containing two rooms: a living room and a bedroom. Notice that a kitchen, bathroom, toilet, or bedroom without windows does not count as a legit piece in France, regardless of size.

How much is a one-bedroom furnished apartment rental in Paris?

According to, the average rent in Paris is around 35,50 € per square meter for a one-bedroom long-term furnished apartment. Therefore, for a 1-bedroom furnished accommodation ranging from 30m² to 70m², the rent is between 1 300 € – 3 000 € per month. The table below shows that the 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 8th arrondissements with Le Marais are the most expensive districts in Paris.

Suppose you are looking for long-term rental in a more affordable district in central Paris. Consider the 20th arrondissement of Paris, and for example, the Charonne neighborhood is a charming area with a lovely French countryside atmosphere and beautiful mansions. Also, the Buttes-Chaumont district in Paris' 19th arrondissement or the communities nearby Bois de Vincennes in Paris' 12th district is affordable, secure, and lovely.

How much does a one-bedroom furnished apartment cost in close Parisian suburbs?

The average rent in Paris' western suburbs is around 29,1€ per square meter for a long-term flat rental. Therefore, you can expect 900 € to 2100 € per month for renting a 1-bedroom furnished apartment. Generally, a furnished one-bedroom rental in Paris' suburbs costs 400€ or even 900€ less than in Paris' city center. However, certain Parisian suburbs can be even more expensive than Paris' center, such as Neuilly-sur-Seine, which is known as France's most affluent suburb, or La Défense Business District.

Finding affordable accommodation with comfortable floor space in central Paris can be challenging. Still, expanding your research to the surrounding suburbs near Paris can significantly boost your options. Moreover, you can arrive at the center in less than 15 minutes thanks to excellent public transportation. Therefore, if you are looking for a bigger space, a quiet neighborhood, or simply a lower rent, consider the suburbs nearby Paris.

For example, the Boulogne-Billancourt area is ideal for expat families with its excellent bilingual schools and many international companies such as Renault, TF1, and Huawei. Puteaux and Courbevoie are convenient for expats working in La Défense Business Center. The Levallois-Perret is excellent for professionals working in nearby multinational companies, such as L'oreal and CHANEL. Finally, Issy-les-Moulineaux, known as the "Smart City," is home to many new IT companies making digital & high-tech. Each of these cities offers a large selection of Paris corporate rentals.

How much is an unfurnished one-bedroom apartment rental in Paris?

The rent of an unfurnished apartment usually is cheaper than a furnished one. On average, the rent price of an unfurnished rental is 31,13 €/m² in Paris. It costs between 950€ to 2 200€ to rent an unfurnished one-bedroom apartment of 30m² to 70m² in Paris. 

If you are looking for a bigger space with cheaper rent or want to personalize your space with the furnishing you like, renting an unfurnished property will be a great option. However, consider some essentials before renting an unfurnished apartment.

  • An unfurnished rental lease contract is for at least three years renewable.
  • Plan at least 1200€ to 3000€ to purchase the furniture and the home appliances.
  • The tenant of an unfurnished rental pays their share of the building maintenance charges. The average annual rental charges are 40€ per square meter in Paris. So, expect an additional 1 500€ to 2 500€ yearly maintenance charges for a one-bedroom apartment.

Please, find the average rent of an unfurnished apartment in Paris in the table below.

Paris' average rent prices are reasonable to know. Still, the rent varies greatly depending on factors such as the amenities, the possibility of a parking space, a balcony or terrace, a view of Parisian monuments, the building style, and the furniture standing in furnished apartments. Lastly, the monthly rental costs, such as utility bills, maintenance charges, home insurance, and parking expenses, add to the rent. 
Paris Rental wishes you to find your dream home in Paris at the right price!

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