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Guide to furnished rentals in Paris post-Brexit

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Tips for Brexit expats renting apartments in Paris

Yes, the Brexit has happened! Caught in the currents of History, you have decided to settle in Paris, and you are now looking for a furnished apartment for rent in Paris for you and your family, while you familiarize yourself with your new environment.

Profile of Brexit expats relocating to Paris

French expatriates returning home, expatriates from all over the world who have taken root in England and are now forced to leave England due to circumstances; English people torn between England and France where they own a home, taxes oblige! Companies and Financial Institutions having to relocate,… Whatever the case, the uprooted clientele from Brexit is a clientele of choice for the owners of furnished apartments for long-term rental. So don't panic!

The first step in Paris for Brexit expats

First, contact Paris Rental the best real estate agency for high-end furnished rentals intended for expatriates, multinational firms and their employees, embassies, and other government institutions in Paris.

Although Brexit is on today, you might still be in England; no worry, Paris Rental will send you a selection of apartments corresponding to your wishes, as well as videos to visit your selected apartments without having to hop in the Eurostar three times a week!

Among our blogs, discover the best locations to rent an apartment in Paris. Then, when you are ready to move, follow the advice of Paris Rental’s Experts with Steps to follow for your move to Paris. For example, compare electricity and gas providers to save money. Do you have a pet? Get informed because the rules for pets’ expatriation are different in each country. Inform yourself on Rules to follow: pets in furnished apartments.

What to expect when renting an apartment in Paris?

As you know, Paris’ surface area is limited. Discover what is called a two-room (2 pièces), three-room (3 pièces),... in the city of light. Then find out the average rental price for all apartments’ sizes. Finally, learn all there is to know about the security of apartments and the necessity of double glazing in Paris for noise reasons and, of course, to keep energy costs down. Also, you will find out why you are asked for guarantees, and that it is not personal. It's just that in France the laws are in favor of the tenants, even if they don't pay the rent; therefore, landlords must protect themselves by requesting good guarantees to face this eventuality.

For example, you may be asked for a joint surety. That has nothing to do with your “Brexit” situation. Your bank can act as an institutional guarantor for a fee; "GarantMe" can also help you obtain a guarantee covering the entire rental to present to the owner. (; Use the code "ParisRental" to enjoy 35€ off on GarantMe fees. In all cases, you will have to pay a security deposit. Learn in this blog, what it is.

How to prepare your rental file in Paris

Many documents are necessary to rent an apartment in France. As a result, the rules defining the content of a rental file are stipulated by law. Their objective is to prevent any irregularity or future dispute between tenants and owners. Here are some documents to take with you to France for the rental of an apartment:

  1. Proof of identity with photo and signature (identity card, passport, driving license or residence permit). Sometimes a visa is required for non-European citizens.
  2. Proof of an old address with the latest rent receipts (or a letter of the owner serving as a reference), electricity, water, housing tax, insurance certificate.
  3. A document attesting to your professional activity (employment contract) or a certificate from your employer indicating your professional status, salary, and date of entry into the company. If you are self-employed, a "Kbis extract" or a business card. One or more documents attesting to your resources (last 3 payslips, last or penultimate tax notice, 2 last balance sheets for self-employed professions, title to the property in real estate, proof of property income, annuities for life or income from movable capital, proof of payment of compensation, retirement, pensions).
  4. A reliable guarantor

If you have recourse to a Guarantor, add to your file a letter of commitment from the Guarantor as well as documents attesting to their identity and their solvency, in the same way as for yourself. For information, see our model letters " Letter of commitment from a guarantor ".

Also, make the extra effort that will set you apart from other candidates for "Brexit oblige!" there are many! For example, your rental file for an apartment to rent in Paris should be supplemented by documents proving your seriousness: curriculum vitae, recommendation letter from one or more employers, from your former lessor, etc. Similarly, increase your chances by writing a letter of introduction detailing your strengths (employment on a permanent contract in a company, being a non-smoker, having no pets, ...). Finally, to draw attention to your rental file, slip it into a colored pocket so that it stands out from other applications!

Last tip: Prepare several copies of your rental file. Thus, you will be able to give a file to the owner (or the real estate agent) of each apartment that you'd like to rent.

The importance of home insurance in Paris

The Multi-risk home insurance is compulsory in France, whether for tenants - in furnished or unfurnished accommodation - or for co-owners. For co-owners, this insurance obligation is limited to the Civil Liability guarantee towards the co-ownership, neighbors, third parties and tenants.

Corporate rentals in Paris for post-Brexit professionals

Corporate clients, business travelers from all countries, Brexit expatriates, diplomats from embassies, or any government institution are in essence more reassuring for an owner than a person on one's own. The reason is that no delay in payment of rent is to be expected and that the security deposit, often paid by the company, implies that Corporate tenants will take care of the furnished apartment since the company employs them. The other major advantage is that “Company lease” rentals are longer than traditionally furnished rentals. For example, diplomats exercise their mission for a period of three to five years.
The owner who rents his apartment to an individual, even with having solid guarantees, remains aware of the hazards of life that can strike him. Illness, loss of a job, divorce are common facts that weaken any tenant.
This is why the Corporate furnished rental with Company Lease is a serious asset.
In summary, the owner of a furnished accommodation is reassured in the case of a Corporate rental, for the following reasons:

  • solid financial guarantees - solvent
  • tenants usually careful
  • longer duration of corporate leases

Best Paris neighborhoods for post-Brexit corporate expats

We tend to think that the center of Paris and the west side Burroughs are the only areas sought by business customers. However, the experience of the “ Paris Rental ” agency, the specialist in the rental of Corporate furnished apartments for 30 years, shows a different trend. Expatriate employees know more about the districts of Paris before arriving. This corporate clientele has very specific requirements, whether for culture, green areas, routes, calm or entertainment, etc. Thanks to the diversity of Paris and its neighborhoods, all districts of Paris seem to be cosmopolitan nowadays.

Paris Rental found you an apartment quickly, you are happy, but you suddenly feel very alone in this new big city that is Paris. Never mind! Paris rental remains available throughout your rental and meets your expectations with blogs and Newsletters which deal with all incidents that may occur in a big city.

To all Brexit expatriates, Paris Rental and its team are there for you! Our team will help you with your move into the long-term furnished apartment in Paris of your choice. Welcome to Paris!

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Writer: Michael HELLEU